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July 03, 2005


(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

This is GREAT! We use your homeopathic suggestions already, but sadly we also use TV in place of your wonderful bed box. LOVE that idea and will incorporate such a lovely idea! *THANK YOU!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Brenda Gosden

Hey just a question, my little boy josh has been diagnosed with whooping Cough, now he was allowed to go back to school today August 4th, but unfortunatlly he vomited while at school, and had a massive cough attack, so i was phoned up to come collect him, this was after he ate his lunch, now this vomoting has been acurring for a couple of weeks now, every time after he eats, The Hspital has said this is common with Whooping Cough, i just want his time at school to be pleasant, is there anything you recommend for him, he is 7 yrs old

Thankyou kindly Brenda

michelle girard

Hi My daughter is 15yrs and suffers from Migraine headaches and is pretty secluded from being home so much...we have tried public school and outreach schools, but she falls so behind and so now I would like to see if homeschooling would benifit her more...she is very concerned about her education...We need something that works with her migrains...she suffers almost daily with them and they range between 4 and a 10...we rate them from 1 to ten....I look forward to hearing from you
Thank you Michelle

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