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September 16, 2005


(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

Such a blessing~it's what I already believe, and I have a 9yos who is not reading much at all. I know one day it will click! but OH the critics... ~sigh~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Gail Goodjohn

I really agree with your opinion about the age of reading acquisition. After teaching for 30+ years, I experienced so many worried parents and teachers who fret over the reading level of a child in the early years of education. As long as they are progressing and interested in learning, they will eventually master the skills of reading and comprehension. Each progresses at their own speed. As long as the child is enthusiastic and positive, they will master the task of reading independently when they are ready. We are too rushed and forgetting to delight in the magic of childhood. There are too many pressures imposed upon children. I believe that as long as you engage the child in exploring our world, listening, and observing language acquisition, they will succeed when the time is right. Let go and believe in the intrinsic nature of development.

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