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September 08, 2005


C Coker

I read the Out of Synch Child early this year looking for answers and wound up thinking about it exactly as you (Donna) did. I promptly returned it for a refund. I found the Out of Synch Child Has Fun to be a bit better, but still not really worth the money. I think any one interested in movement/sensory integration will get more out of Donna's Joyful Movement book.


ITA, Donna, and am so glad that you outlined this well. I have an autistic dd and did not find TOOSC to be one bit helpful to me. Joyful Movement and Working with Anxious, Nervous, and Depressed children are wonderful books.


I read this book recently regarding our 6 year old son who has dyspraxia. I think the book recognises a lot of the problems for children who require extra sensory itnegrative input and simpler lifestyles, but doesn't actually so far as to say how that could happen. I think Ayres' ook is a more valuable book, it takes a more academic approach but better explains the specific difficulties of these children. It is also interesting to read books about problems like dyspraxia which were written during the 70's and 80's because they usually assume that a child is already living a simpler lifestyle, and has much less exposure to TV, computers etc. We are not currently homeschooling, although we have discussed it if school becomes ddifficult, but I do try to simplify my child's life so that he isn't overloaded, and minimise the impact of technology, whilst recognising its place, because it can easily become an 'easier' way to play for children who need more support interacting with their environments.

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