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October 21, 2005


Deborah Barker

The two articles about your son both had a huge resonance for me. I too have a 6th grader at home who came out of Steiner school in May. She has an older sister in Steiner school, a brother at a local 6th form college( who went right through Steiner Ed) My partner and I are both self employed. We weave in and out of working together in different constellations, on different subjects in the woods, at home, on the beach, in the car, in cafes. Most of the time it is wonderful and occassionaly fraught but I too feel that the impulse out of which we work is the most important and nourishing aspect of our approach to home ed. Much supported and inspired by your books and the main lesson books of my older children we work out a plan of study for the week/month/year. Her nature too is to be easily overstimulated and it has been wonderful to see her blossom and grow with the gift of home ed. I am often asked about the 'problem of peers'. For the first time since leaving kindergarten she has a rich social life. Our experience was that school left her so fraught and overstimulated that she spent evenings and weekends recovering! Now she does a range of afternoon/early evening activities has a fulfilling social life as well as a style of education that really meets her needs.

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