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February 23, 2006


Robyn Silk

Dear Blog,

All of our children are in a Steiner school and my middle daughter struggles on a daily basis to grasp the written word. We have attempted varies approaches and have come to the conclusion that she is simply not ready for all the rules of grammar, it is too overwhelming for her. She is 10 and still not reading fluently. This in itself does not concern me, but it concerns her teacher and her class is racing ahead without her.

My concern is that she is falling behind her peers in class and hence the demands are deepening for her to perform to the level that the teacher sets for the class. Her level is vastly different. The suggestions in spelling and composition we work with at home regularly, yet she is forced to work from mainstream grammar books, where there is little respect within the tasks asked and quite often I give her Anthroposophical guidance as to what each task is asking of her and bring it to her with a gentleness.

My frustration is borne out of the desire to see her happy with learning and am uncertain now how to continue to guide her well.

She is in year 5 but has a year 2 standard of reading and now she is struggling to follow simply instructions that are written and handed out to her to work through.

It's not possible for me to homeschool her, I am convalescing from a very serious blood disorder that put me into hospital for most of last year.

So....devoted mother anguishing over beautiful daughter would love some advice.


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