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November 17, 2006



I participated in a spiral once at the 79th st waldorf school and it was lovely and the mood was everything just as you describe.

Ann Pilarte

In preparing for Advent with a group of families from my church, I immediately thought of the Advent spiral. I've participated in spirals at a Camphill & a Waldorf school -- truly magical. Thank you for writing such a helpful description - Ann

Kelley Auld

Thank you for the clear description and emphasis on reverence. It is hard to get started with teaching your child by the Waldorf method when one was jerked up in the public schools. Resources are plentiful, but not always easy to understand or be comfortable with. Your post was both informative and DOABLE! Thank you!

Karin Nance

I think well wait till next year when our almost 2 year old is almost 3...wish someone else was doing this in our town for our almost 5 year old! sounds magical.

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