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May 03, 2007



Wow, that's just riduculous, I'm sorry but it is. Yes, children should never be without a hat outside, but inside is just finding things to worry about. Aren't you busy enough to find anything more important than that?

Donna Brooks

I'm curious about hat-wearing and protection of one's forces/soul forces. I'm well aware of importance of warmth and protection from sun in varied weather, but wonder about what hats offer on more of a soul nurturing level. Any comment?

cori white

In the heat wave down here in the Panhandle, I thought Corrie Lynn would not want to wear a hat outside , but she because of the heat, yet she actually welcomes it...in fact, I'm amazed at when she DOES wear her little sun hats. The only time she doesn't ear it outdoors is when she putters around the front porch early mornings when she wakes up (part of our daily rhythm) or when Nanny or Auntie "forgets."

Responding to the "nurturing" of hat wearing....my baby girl is much more content playing on her own outdoors with a hat, making happy baby sounds and self play; where as when she doesn't it seems, she is continually coming in and out of the house wanting "mama" attention. Just something I've noticed....

Courtney Sullivan

Lovely article mother of 6 hat wearing babies ...now healthy kids...such an important topic very glad I was told and heeded the dr.'s advice 15 years ago to buy wool long underwear and keep a hat on my child almost always.

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