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July 16, 2007


Deborah Gillespie

Happy (belated) birthday Donna! You are truly blessed with your family and certainly deserve all of your fond memories.


Karen Petz

Donna! Happy Birthday!!!! Only 45 huh? Wait till you hit 50, not even breakfast in bed can make that one palatable, but not to worry, 50 was easier than I thought. Anyway, reading about your birthday brought a smile to my face. My birthday is next Sun (July 29th) and Jack's is the day after. I have had always had a birthday party since Jack was born, nothing like a good Batman party to get you in the party mood! This year my husband suggested we have Jack's birthday party the day of my birthday! I told him I had no intention of hosting eight 8 year olds on MY birthday!

I hand out lists too! My husband doesn't like it but he doesn't like me not liking my gift either. However, he always has to include a surprise too, but his are always very expensive ones! He has learned to select from my list (or he often just buys it all not understanding that it's a list of choices, not demands)! Anyway, birthdays are special, very special around here too!


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