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August 08, 2007


angelique alliman

Yes! I totally agree with your article. I have a son with autism and am trying to educate myself so I can bring waldorf into our home. Before his diagnosis I planned on him going to a waldorf school, but I don't want to give up on waldorf. I there would be some sort of support from the waldorf seminars in this topic.


Dear Angelique,

Waldorf teachers are so stretched - it is certainly a shame that there is not more education and support for people with children like your son. But the Waldorf community can barely meet the responsibilities even within the present structures at times!

Do consider joining my on-line discussion forum. We have special section on "therapeutic Waldorf" and there you can "meet" and get support from other parents working with Waldorf at home whose children have special challenges. I am also very involved with that forum and contribute from my own experience.

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