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September 10, 2007


Deborah Gillespie


Thank-you thank-you for voicing these issues. Most of my history with Waldorf has been through Waldorf schools (many years before homeschooling) so my experience doesn't really match the situations that you describe, but I think that the narrow-minded, unyielding, dogmatic approach to Waldorf is so harmful in so many different situations. I have seen many great families "scared off" from Waldorf because the teacher(s) or administration that they dealt with was so narrow and unyielding that it was indeed frightening.

Well said!



I have a slightly different question that you may be able to assist with. I live on an island in Southern Chile and we currently have a great Waldorf teacher from Australia that came over (for the experience of it) to teach my twin 7 year old girls on a homeschooling basis. Do you know of any blogs or websites where one can find more options of people who would be keen for such experiences as our agreement with her is for one year only.

Thanks for your help,



No - I'm afraid not..... waldorfworld sometimes has a listings service - but I don't know how up to date it is. Good luck!

Sandi Russi, Program Director

Good review. Thank you, Donna. This is a key point I look at in hiring teachers for my program at Wholistic Learning Resources (www.wholisticlearningresources.net) which supports Sacramento area homeschoolers with a variety of specialty classes, 1-2 days/week.

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