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October 11, 2007



Donna - Amen!!
We live in Monticello, MN and are a member of Organic Valley CSA. We were heart broken when we heard of the damage the floods did to their crops. Although it is difficult to see our weekly shares dwindle instead of increase right at the time of prime harvest, we must share the pain for all of the reasons you state above. Yes, our food costs are already higher than most, and are now going higher because we will need to purchase food we had not anticipated; but this is a small price to pay when weighed against the larger impact should of our local farmers be forced to shut down completely.

Thanks again for your insightful post.
Homeschooling Dad

donna simmons

Thanks, Tony. I got lots of feedback sent directly tome about this blog. If anyone wishes to share any innovative or particularly successful strategies they know of to support local farms, please don't hesitate to share here!

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