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January 21, 2008



Here in England the flowers have definitely come out early. We started with daffodils in January, although they are only being to form hosts of golden daffs now (February).

We're fortunate in that we live near a larger patch of non-garden snowdrops and on 2nd February (Imbolc - reputed to translate as ewe's milk, Candlemas etc) we went off to see it on one of our walks. Yellow crocuses always remind me of baby birds with their beaks open and their appearance seems to remind the grown-up birds to start singing in the morning, as they prepare for their own little ones.


Thank you Liz for sharing! It is really nice when people take the time to do this! Any other readers are urged to add their comments - unfortunately, I usually don't have time to respond. But still, it is nice to read of other people's experiences!


Thank you Liz. Its nice to get ideas for the boys. I love your news letter I hope this will continue. As a working mom its hard to read lots and lots of books on new ideas!


No - that was me, Donna, responding to Liz who wrote! I guess you mean my newsletter - the Christopherus newsletter?!

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