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January 21, 2008



Hi, I homeschool a 14 and 17 year old. I am interested in any resources you have for teaching at this level. I am also wondering if there are any workshops or distance ed. courses for teachers/parents at these levels and also if you know of any correspondence programs for students at these levels. Thanks, mary


Hi Mary,

Do have a look at the high school section on the Christopherus website
http://www.christopherushomeschool.org/highschool.htm to see what we offer. I do some writing programs with students via mail - you'll find the details there. I do not know of any other correspondence programs although both the University of Nebraska and the University of Oklahoma have high school distance programs (their science courses are meant to be especially good). I would be surprised if no university or college in Canada offered a similar program - have you checked with other Canadians homeschooling teens? Of course this is far from Waldorf, but aside from the few (but growing!) resources we offer, there really isn't anything for Waldorf high school homeschoolers.

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