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January 01, 2008


Penny in VT

Happy New Year Donna - those are some noble resolutions indeed - #3 pretty much shot an arrow into my heart - I'll be joining you in that one - and you've already forgiven *me* lately, so you're off and running :) Thanks for setting such a good example! Penny


Thank you for this MOST encouraging post. I too will consider many of these things in 2008 (and beyond).

God Bless.


Thank you both for your comments! Feedback and sharing from what one does in ones own family is always welcome!


A little late, but I hope the New Year brings much happiness to you all!


I've just run across your post, a bit after the new year, but I must say I am so inspired, and seeing in new light one of the many reasons I'm so drawn to Waldorf...

The path of emotional/physical/spiritual enlightenment is really all part of this type of lifestyle--wanting to be worthy of imitation, I want to be the *best* me I can be...and that is the most grounded, happy, peaceful, loving, compassionate, understanding me...

Since learning about Waldorf, our home has become much simpler; more good, slow-cooked meals ;), more simple songs and finger plays, *less* toys--but more made by my own hands *and heart* for my son, and just more pride in what I do every day! I feel healthier and happier and simpler, in a wonderful way, and Waldorf has led me back to a path that yoga and Buddhism were taking me on prior to parenthood (when my whole world was rocked!!) My son is only 10 months old now, but I feel like coming to Waldorf, I am coming back to my soul self, and I just wanted you to know your post was inspiring and helped me clarify WHY Waldorf rings so closely to my heart and spirit...I've also just ordered your Joyful Movement book, and am excited to share it with my son! I'm just sooo excited about my new discoveries on this journey through life w/ my son and the fun of Waldorf style parenting and living!! (PS: I also loved your entry on benign neglect--after reading The Continuum Concept when my son was 4 months old, I realized that I had made him the center of my universe in the name of AP--our lives have so greatly improved since I got to my adult tasks, and he to his own now-toddler tasks!)

Anyway, going through your blog, I'm just feeling inspired, and excited to utilize your Christopherus curriculum in the future as I continue on this journey with my family!!

Thank you for sharing your insights with others!!!




Thank you for your kind words! It's always great to hear from people who are just starting out and who are clear about the path they want to walk with their children. Thank you so much for sharing.


So beatiful, thank you.

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