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March 24, 2008


Anita Wright

Thanks so much for sharing that. We have had similar issues here and I have struggled much with a 6 yr old who wants to do what she wants when she wants and a 2 yr old who seems to be following big sisters lead :(
Not having many waldorfish friends in the area it's easy to feel guilty that they don't have enough or that their discontent is a sign of lack when really it's a sign of too much.

Thanks again for your wise and motivating words.


I thank you too. I am homeschooling my 1st and K, and my 2 yo has been enjoying too much freedom as I try to "keep peace." But that's not doing her any favors long term (or the rest of us). A bit of crying is fine - but sometimes we need to be reminded that it is in overcoming those frustrations of learning that she will learn how to rely upon what's in her to be at peace, and not what's going on outside of her. Now, maybe some halfway ear plugs for the first week!


I so appreciated hearing your gentle reminders of how less is more. I have four children, the younger two being 4 and almost 2, and after reading your blog, I was remotivated to apply what I've known in my heart is the best way to parent. I was becoming frustrated by my younger children's demands, and also the "artistic expressions" on my walls and furniture. I will apply the "check out system" to the crayons now, and know that I am teaching respect for the art as well as respecting other's property! Thank you again for your wisdom and practicality.


Thank you all for your comments - it really does help others to read not just my words, but to also read the feedback from others - so let's hear more! Sharing anecdotes from one's own family life are also always welcome here.

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