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April 28, 2008



I have found computers to be a much bigger issue than television. My husband and I use laptops and find that we need to be very careful to not use them when the girls are around or else...what are we modeling? While we don't want them on the computer, the computer is becoming more and more a tool for communication and so, we allow emailing to grandparents (luckily one grandmother likes to write long, cursive notes, the other likes to email). My daughter is about to turn 12 and the issues are only going to expand I know.

On the laptop in public places issue, my friends have bought a large computer monitor and have placed it on a desk in their kitchen. The laptop has to be plugged into the monitor when being used by kids. (this is a non-Waldorf family)

I enjoy reading your blog even though I don't homeschool.


Thanks for the great comments! As generous as a gift it seemed, we decided that the lap top would wait at least a few years.

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