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May 10, 2008



I would not get another bunny if it were me. I understand what you are saying Donna but there is an animal welfare issue at hand too. I would wait at least another 6 months to a year and instead find other places whereby he can have very supervised hands on with animals (cats seem to be quite good at protecting themselves). Another bunny is like saying the first bunny's life doesn't matter...and it does (yes there are plenty of bunnies out there who get gobbled by hawks, cats and hunted with guns etc but a "pet" rabbit has a different emotional content imho. Yes you don't want to burden a 3-year old with it on that level but at the same time - it's not a piece of plastic, it's a real living being and it could just happen again, which would set a worrying pattern).
Anyway, that's just my view.


I think your points are valid - and I didn't necessarily mean that the parents go straight out and get a new rabbit. However, the point is that in my experience, this kind of approach helps alleviate pain in the child - and it is the child who is the one that has the capacity to help or harm animals. Therefore, all animal welfare issues necessarily begin with how each of us is able to interact with animals. People who are themselves not in pain tend not to be people who cause animals harm.

For this child to be with animals in another place, supervised, is also a very good idea.


My 5 year old cousin was playing in my room and I have 2 beta fish. Plenty of times I have told him to ask be 4 going near the tank or even trying to feed my fish... The other day me and my 28 year old sister where in my bed room and my 5 year old cousin came in he was playing like normal I turn to look and he went up the stairs, 10 minuts later my husband comes running in our room screaming at my sister saying "how did you kill my fish?!". I started to laugh and say what are you talking about? he said your cousin just came upstairs and said she killed it. So I ran into the bathroom to see my fish still laughing saying he was crazy to find my fish was indeed missing... I went into a panic and was saying to my cousin where is my fish!! My cousin kept saying under the rock so I started looking everywhere for my fish even under dry rocks(I collect rocks for my fish). I pluged my bathroom sink and emptyed the tank... To find my fish dead!! As we asked him repetedly why did u do this his reply was "i dont know". The part that freaks me out the most is that he took her out smothered her and knew he killed her cause he burried her under the rocks so no one could find her... not only that he also told my husband my sister did it...

He was not punished or talked to about it. I tryed and all his mother could say was "He's going through something right now"...

I dont know how to feel about this or if he needs help.. This is not the first time.. He is very sneekey. He also poured ajax into my mothers fishtank and killed all her fish.. Mind you this child is not the only one in the household and he is the oldest and they are all very well supervized.
Please give me advice I dont know whoelse to talk to that can understand.
Thank you.

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