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July 14, 2008



Wow Donna,
What great advice, I really appreciated the react/create situation. I have never realised that by waiting, I was teaching the wrong lesson. Many thanks for this, it will help me as we progress towards a more formal grade 1 year.

Thanks for your honest wisdom.

Peace and Love

homeschool mom


I linked over here from another site, attracted by the title chaos to form. Since, it is something we are struggling toward. My oldest daughter is starting 4th grade and we have had many tears and unfortunately angry exchanges.

I wish someone would have suggested looking into Learning Disabilities and ADD a few years ago. We are working through the LD issues and getting ready to forage into the world of ADD. My increased knowledge of both of these areas are helping us to repair our relationship.

Her brain is wired differently causing frustration and head butting to both of us, which is extremely painful to her self esteem and our relationship.

Please take pity on those of us with "difficult" children (not saying that you don't).

In Christ,
a struggling mom



I agree Donna and chaos is hard on everyone. It is a kindness, imo, to gently but firmly lead.


Sorry - I was away when you posted and did not see your comment. I hope you see this response.... I wonder if you'd like to listen to my free audio download on Therapeutic Waldorf - then you will see I am completely in sympathy with those struggling mothers whose children present many challenges. This download might be helpful as you - and others - find your own best ways to create the forms which are so calming and healing to children with challenges:

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