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August 14, 2008


Holly Olson

How insiteful this was. Forgiving us of our limitations and giving us a rope to pull us "back to center". It took many, many years for me to figure out that is exactly what I was trying to do after an erruption. It feels good to see it in black and white.


that's great! i will forward to some people. thanks Donna.


How amazing to read something like this. I always feel like I'm somehow broken because I am not yet able to stay calm day after day after day with my two small children. I have this ideal mother image in my mind that I always find myself falling short of, and anger is one of the main problems I have to work on in my life. Giving myself permission to be angry (never on purpose, and less and less over time), to pull myself back to a calm peaceful place, and translate that experience to my daughters... Thank you. Still working on myself. I wish there were a how-to guide on making a better me.


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