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September 06, 2008



I am so saddened to hear this story. i have little ones so I obviously don't have to deal with the "explanation" of things, how hard that must be.
I have been involved (before children) in peaceful demonstrations that were totally treated with violence by the police and of couse was just chalked up to "those cazy tree huggers" and no one really paid attention to the civil rights that were trampled on.

He and his parents are in my prayers! And hopefully when my children grow older I can explain how stories like his made a change for the better.


Your son and friend are in my thoughts.


I am horrorfied by this! My thoughts go out to the people injured in this demonstration :0(


thank you all for your kind thoughts and words. Our friend and his family are now in limbo - they have not heard yet if he will be charged or what for.


unfortunately this has been going on for a long time, long before the 'Patriot Act'... I was born in '57 and it's been happening all my life, anytime people want to make a change in the status quo, anytime anyone looks/acts/speaks differently they risk being singled out by the powers that be, including the police who, unfortunately, aren't always there to protect. And it isn't just in America, it happens here in Australia as well and we know that it happens in other places too. Sad, sad, sad. Hugs to your friend and his friends. I wish there were more that I could do.


How very sad and shocking. I find it disheartening, but not surprising, that our biased media chose to ignore this terrible event. They are too busy in their task of celebrity building these days. I believe in Ron Paul's message. America needs to regain its footing and that means to respect and follow our Constitution. His Campaign for Liberty may be the answer. Four years from now, perhaps we, as a nation, will have weaned ourselves from the media and will feel comfortable voting for a statesman like Ron Paul, instead of a mere celebrity.


So sad! I haven't heard this anywhere else!

I guess we must just keep educating our kids in accurate history which doesn't play on sentimentalism and victim politics to the exclusion of all else and which helps them to understand what freedom is and what freedom COSTS. The appeal of Obama is high amongst a lot of homeschoolers. I don't understand this. His policies are socialist policies (ie. govt funding of early preschool, govt. health care). They are a move away from freedom not towards it and if he is elected he will get Supreme Court nominees. The real movers and shakers of this country. This is a direct threat to homeschoolers and anyone who lives outside what government deems "right".

I don't endorse McCain here either - don't get me wrong - the whole thing is a mess and our entire country has moved towards the mistakes of Europe by enlarging government more and more each year. Globalism isn't partial to you and me and kids gotta know! Freedom costs - there are risks associated with it and kids need to know that if you want to BE FREE you can't ask government to take care of you. It'll want something in return.

That's my rant.


Clarification: I just realized that my remark on what "freedom costs" may be construed as support of the Patriot Act. Yikes!!! No, no, no! But they have used a similar phrase and that is not what I mean at all.

Freedom costs because true freedom means you must take care of yourself and your needs. Whether it is education, health care, finance, food, etc., etc. and this takes a whole new mindset and a willingness to work hard and suck it up. We are too soft. It's a price and that's what I meant.


My son and his friends were protesting the DNC in CO where some of his friends were arrested as well - this after clearing with local authorities exactly what was allowed. In one specific instance they had received permission to write on the sidewalk with chalk. When they began writing - peacefully - two girls were tossed around inexcusably and finally arrested without even a warning to stop nor an opportunity to explain. It is chilling. Whatever happened to "I do not share your views but I defend your right to express them?"

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