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November 07, 2008



Dear Donna,

Thankyou for being so brave on my (and many others) behalf.
I feel so very strongly about how important it is to keep children home with a parent but often feel that it is my "litle secret" in a negative sense. I have one or two friends who feel similar to me that I can be open with but generallly I learned pretty quickly that it is not okay to speak out against daycare and early schooling.
I wish that I had your strength in taking this on and offer you my support and thoughts as you speak out.


Thanks for taking this on Donna. It's huge and it's complicated. More people need to stand up and speak out about this and more importantly find ways to support parents in making this happen. It's a fundamental shift.

Let me know how I can help.



Thank you Donna! Your "early years rants" have given me so much support and strength to not only continue to keep my child at home with me but also to feel confident about my decision when faced with the endless pressure to send him to preschool or some other outside care. I just can not thank you enough for all that you have written. I agree wholeheartedly that something needs to change and I will support that change any way I can.


Thank you thank you, I am so happy to hear you "rant" I need to hear this! We kept my daughter at home (now 6) and are really feeling the pressure so we did succumb and put her into a wonderful school and now I regret it! Yes it is a wonderful school but I feel what we had at home was so much more worthwhile than I realized and now feel that she would have learned better at home. The struggle is not over yet but these types of rants makes me think that maybe we can change our minds.


I can't agree with this more. It's been hard financially - although I work from home, I could probably* earn a lot more having deposited my child into daytime care. However, I'm so glad I haven't because being a mother is the best thing ever that there has been. I've been able to watch all those little magical moments of development, instead of having some kind of bizarre report from a stranger which is more to do with attainment of political goals than a child's development.

I see many parents who feel they have to dump off their child - they're indoctrinated with dogma from media and government. I have been challenged by those who somehow think that small children need to be in the care of strangers for their healthy development. I'm fortunate in that part of my background is child development (albeit mainstream rather than Steiner). Bowlby got criticised by feminists who said that his theories on bonding etc were all about trying to get post-war women back out of the workforce and back into the home. It's not true - once you understand the needs of an infant and child you see how important it is to have a "primary caregiver" in the home (and I do believe a grandparent or father can fulfil this role too and not just the mother - but a paid employee - NO!) over and above daycare settings. My attitude to parents who dump off their children is go and get a goldfish instead (even goldfish require some care) - just don't have children if you're not going to look after your own and if you think that is terrible on a financial level then challenge your Government to support families to care for their own children. When I think about the children I know longterm who survived in the company of strangers for their early years and are now teens I can see a level of behaviour that shows there was trauma (myself included). I'm certain the parents believed it to be in the best interest and I do realise that financially there is not always a choice but there are plenty who don't do these things for financial reasons and who do convince themselves into believing the lie.

Honest to goodness, anyone who is sitting on the fence and having doubts about their ability, please look after your own child/ren. You can do it, there's lots of knowledge, lots of information and when you look back you do so with a smile because it's so wonderful to share that time with your child.

* onto the reality of "probably" - so if I worked solely in order to pay childcare costs then it may seem like I am earning more but in fact I wouldn't really be. The system is a total and utter lie in my view.


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