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November 28, 2008



I really like your blog, I am a single stay at home mom and a struggling one. I lost my business a few years ago and have been just trying to stay afloat. Everyone tells me just get a job--like its so easy. I have a 12 year old and I really don't want her roaming the streets and alone after school. Childhood is short. I would love to help you out with your project, I also studied waldorf education.


Donna, FYI, there is a Christian support group for SAHMs that has a similiar name, "Hearts at Home". I doubt that there will be much confusion with your group, as long as you keep the whole MCP name.
I love that you are including both SAHM's and those who find themselves unable to be at home.


There is also a Christian magazine oriented toward stay-at-home mothers - Above Rubies (interested folks can google it - it's available free of charge). That said, I am so glad to see Donna's work shaping up here - there is a real need for this kind of new support for SAHMs. I thank you, Donna!


This sounds wonderful. I think you are right on about Waldorf having mother child classes instead of "preschool" for the two year olds! It would help strengthen the community, and give practical advice for mothers. I am grateful that you are working to help empower mothers.

Aparna Maddali

Hello Donna,

Its a wonderful project. I am an ardent believer of Waldorf philosophy, but had no chance to join my kids in Steiner schools. I have a 4 year old kid in Preschool and a 9 year old going to school.I would love to join the project and could offer to work on the content of the web site.

Molly Caroom

What a fabulous idea! I am lucky enough to be at home with my 3 younger kids but went through a divorce when my older son was little and I was wishing I could be at home. This will be a wonderful place to go with like minded people who can support one another! Thanks, I will look forward to your website!


Dear Donna,

I have enjoyed your newsletters for years. I am one who wants desperately to be at home with my children, but finances require that I work. I appreciate any support here, as we are surrounded by non-working people who truly don't understand what our lives are like. My husband and I hardly ever go out because we cherish the too fleeting time at home with the children. I am quite harried, juggling so many demands, so ideas for ensouling our home would be most welcome. Re Waldorf preschools, while I agree it is best if children can be home, these preschools are a fabulous solution for working parents, so please support them. Thank you for the encouragement to be home and present for the older children as well.

Anna B

Wow I love this!! I am a SHAM with two boys 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 who discovered Waldorf a year ago (what a journey!!)and have been bit by bit changing our lives along waldorf principles since. I have been really craving conversation with others likeminded parents, who see value in doing the stay at home thing. Thank you!! I look forward to more!!!

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What I love most is that we have managed to create a space that is safe enough that members will voice concerns, criticisms and probing questions as well as express their approval and encouragement.


I love the idea of this and would be glad to help if I could by writing something or sharing pictures etc. I have two children.

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