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December 16, 2008



Thank you! I really enjoyed this post!

Tamsen Lantych

I used to get flack for trying to keep things simple and peaceful
(boring to some)but I completely agree with you. We are not Waldorf schoolers but I always wished we were. I have a natural tendacy towards it, thanks to my own mother.

I have 3 girls, 15, 13, and 9 and it is a lot of wonderful work to raise them- but can be hard in the face of public school influence - it seems to work against girls in a really harsh way - Mr husband and I work hard to make their home a fun , peaceful, & supportive place.
Blogs like your are like fuel for me! Thank you and Merry Merry Christmas!

ps. we went to a nativity play put on by our local Waldorf - my 9 yr did not understand all of the language but liked the costumes and the rhyming - very different and interesting - I call it brain food : )


I loved your description of Aunty Helen's gift and how it could be received! If only our "Aunty Helen" was not present when we opened her gifts!

Penny in VT

Excellent reminders Donna, thank you - I'll be sure to clear off a top shelf ;)

Many blessings to you as your family joins together to celebrate the season!

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