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April 09, 2009



Thanks for writing this, Donna! My husband and I have had the same conversation at our church. A few years ago, a boy was acting as an altar server in basketball shorts, flip-flops, and a Michael Jordan t-shirt. It was completely absurd! Thankfully, a new pastor has come to the church, and with him a few changes, including "uniforms" for the little altar servers. You can just see that they take so much more pride in their duties when they are wearing their special garb.

And that's really it -- dressing appropriately for any occasion, whatever it is. Play clothes need to be acceptable for play (i.e. allowed to get dirty), swimming suits are worn when we swim, protective shoes when we hike, coats when it snows, etc. Therefore it follows that we dress nicely when we are in a setting that requires it. Thanks again for writing this.

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