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April 01, 2009



Homeschooling allows us to tailor things to the individual child too.

My daughter struggles with anxiety and perfectionism and dyslexia. When I looked to making Main Lesson books (I love the term GOOD BOOK!) I decided we would work on paper and bind our books LATER so that she wouldn't face any blank book anxiety.

She NEEDS to see her spelling errors and work through them in a gentle way as well so rough copies and help with revision is VERY important for her.


Yes - main lesson book anxiety can be a real issue - again, more so at home than in the classroom (though when I was teaching I remember a boy who, in second grade, regularly flung his book across the troom and then himself under his chair in the agony of his expectations not being met by what he produced).

So binding a book together can be a good compromise - one can punch holes through the paper, make a beautiful cover - perhaps out of colored construction paper) and bind it together with a ribbon.

At some point perfectionism does need to be dealt with - but this is a long slow process and for some children, even binding a book of loose pages can still present [pictures that aren't quite right and writing that isn't as it should be.... but at least with this method, one is able to take a step forward with overcoming a degree of perfectionism which can stand in the way of creating anything at all!

Children's books about nature

I think best work should be demanded - and that first drafts be copied into the book after correcting - yet one has to take care with this as such tasks can become onerous and encourage children to not write very long.

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