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May 14, 2009



Ms. Simmons,


Allow me to do my good deed for the day. Your statement is verifiably false and slanderous. Upon reflection you may want to retract it as soon as you get a chance.


(And by the way, my oldest son, Eagle Scout, was born in Liberia, West Africa. We got out before the civil war. As a family we have enjoyed Scouting with all races and faiths of scouts, Muslims Buddhists included. Militerism is just not the deal at all.)


Dear Friend,

Are you saying that the article in the New York Times is untrue? If so, I'd be very interested for the information you have disproving the article so I may retract what I wrote!

Thanks for your help!



Gosh, I'm sorry the only comment on your post was so mean. I saw this NYT article, too, and I am really sick at heart about this. How is it that so many people have become so gung-ho about war and the military these days? It's like the 70s never happened. When I first saw your post, I didn't comment because I didn't think it was necessary to add anything, but now that somebody's beating you up for it I want to give you a bit of support. I appreciate your libertarian point of view.



The original intent of Lord Baden Powell was to preserve outdoorsman and rifleman skills in youth, and prepare young men for success in the military service. That's ONE of the reasons we're not involved with the Boy Scouts.

Mary Alice Phillips

Donna, thank you for making people aware of this. I saw the original NYT article and was horrified. My husband and I have discussed the awareness that increasingly we are learning at home as a family as a political statement, as well as a personal one. We want our children to know their rights and obligations to others, and to be prepared to help others stand up for them as well. We have to seriously examine our own beliefs and make sure we are communicating them to our children, and that we are participating with them in living them out privately and publicly.

The world seems hell-bent toward increasing violence and injustice. We hope to join with others who are also disturbed by this to help reverse the tide.

I can imagine how much you thought long and hard about whether or not to post this, and I'm glad you did.
Mary Alice


It is a disclosed fact that there are people hired by government agencies to post comments on blogs that disagree with main stream news, so that main stream America will stay asleep. Most likely that is what has happened here on your comment section. There is a very real and scary similarity between the militarism within the Boy Scouts, Ameri Corps, and Hitler's youth. We should be outraged; we should be posting the truth. Keep up the good work, God Bless!!



I'm horrified by it also. No Boy Scouts for us. I'm glad someone thinks the way I do on this. It saddens me that I'm finding that I don't want my children participating in so much of what our society is these days. I'm just hoping we can all band together and make a difference.


Thank you for your supportive comments. Any future updates on this issue are very welcome.


You go girl. Thanks for making a statement.


Yikes. I just saw this. My son just joined Boy Scouts. His troop is actually not at all military or weapons happy. Surprisingly, they do a lot of camping and nature skills. A good Troop leader can be everything to Scouts and there are differences regionally. I had really low expectations and was wary of the stance Boy Scouts organizations have taken to certain issues, but I've been pleasantly surprised so far. I would never allow my children to do anything like what that article states. That is just appalling.


Keep in mind that the focus of the NYT article are Explorers, an affiliate of the Boy Scouts that go into the program specifically to learn about a specific aspect of a certain career, and that these Explorers happen to have a law enforcement focus. Don't get hysterical about the Boy Scouts and compare all 7 million of them to the Hitler Youth just because one Explorer post (in Texas, fergawdsakes) is learning part of a paramilitary career.

Alishia Smith

Oh My Gosh....! Are you people serious. How dare you compare the Boy Scoouts of America to Hitler Youth??????
My sons are proud Cub Scouts and do their Duty to God everyday!!! Our whole family is involved with Scouting and it has provided awesome opportunities. We do not brainwash our boys into thinking that being racist is good or right...we teach morals, values and skills they will use their whole life. We are raising valuable members of society. My uncle was killed by Hitler and my Grandmother was a prisoner of his army. I know the horror stories she shared with me before she died and in no way can you ever compare Boy Scouts to the Nazi Scum!!! What is wrong with all of you?????

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