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March 09, 2010


Jim Nariel

I've seen this hike on You Tube and placed it on my blog - very scary stuff - good article

Sumiyeh Haqtalab

"...after weeks of preparation..."
Being another mom with an aging body and zero miles under my belt, I'd like to hear all about these details! what exactly did the author do to get ready for this 6 week long trip? What type of security issues can be anticipated on a long hike such as this? At present, I'm very wary of being in isolated areas alone with my 10 year old son. the idea of this is very appealing to me, but very foreign and intimidating.


Wow. Thank you for this essay. Funny how just this morning my husband noted that our newly-homeschooling son won't be in the Grade 5 Olympics at our Waldorf school. How inspiring to read of this family's own "olympic" experience!


You have great courage to take two children to do the Appalachian trail. Especially children at that age. Many studies have shown that hiking in nature helps to increase children's concentration, and also to increase their self-confidence

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