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June 07, 2010



Dear Donna,
I was missing your posts.
You really touched one personal point. In my daughter's waldorf Kindergarten this year there have been some conflicts between parents and teachers about school readiness for one boy and one girl who will turn six in july. The K teacher was strongly against and she's following the nearest swiss Waldorf school in Lugano. There the rule is the child must have been born by May the 31st.

I'm not against this view but I feel so contradictory that they accept 3 years olds in K! I can now talk from my experience not from Steiner's words. I see my daughter today, she turned 5 in mid April, how she really enjoys Kindergarten now! How she sings the songs at home, mimic eurithmy. She always prefers stayng at home, not a single morning I tell her we'll stay home she asks to go there. But she really likes there. It all started when she was 4 and half. How different it was last year. She started 3 days a week when she was 3 and half. She was SO little, she held my hand so strongly, she followed the teacher as if she was me, she didn't act, enter the movements, the activities. She just watched. And at the end of April I saw she was completely tired and kept her at home until mid September. Then she was ready.
It was my choice but I didn't find in Waldorf Kindergarten and community such a strong position as for school readiness. They accept 3 years old, five days a week from 8-9 till 1.30 p.m.I mean they don't discourage you. Here in the play group I've seen 2 years old five days a week same schedule as K.
I think it's a social question but I see it as less tremendous to send to school a just 6 year old than a a 3 to K. Whay aren't Waldorf teachers so strong against little ones separated from home here in Italy? They will answer "because moms need it" but in my K there are moms who don't work.

Thanks for your posts.


Thank you so much for writing this, for all your wisdom and all your inspiration that you bring from your many roles and experiences in life. I really appreciated this post!
Many blessings,

Dana Pauly

Hi Donna,
I know you wrote this a while ago, but will ask my question just in case these comments still make it to you! We've been "homeschooling" my two daughters (pre-k and kindy) and my older daughter will be excactly 6 1/2 at the beginning of next year. We are still considering enrolling in the local waldorf school, but will likely continue homeschooling. Either way, how might I know what is better for her....to begin first grade, or to do another year of kindergarden? A concern with sending her to school with first grade is that she's never been away from home before...and at our school first grade is five full days. If we held her in kindergarden, she would be beginning first grade at 7 1/2....is that late in the general scheme of things?
Thanks so much for your guidance,

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