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October 20, 2011


Catherine Forest

Donna, Donna, Donna... Can we clone you? The world needs many YOU! I cannot thank you again for bringing light to my dilemma. Now all is so very clear. THANK YOU!


sigh...thank you. I have your curriculums through second grade (son is only 6 1/2, but I am reading ahead). I have been wondering if I picked too soon and have been looking into all the curriculums and testing the waters at discussion groups online. I won't name names, but I feel more nourished when I read your words that the others. I'm so glad I picked your curriculum. Your words resonate with acting out of how steiners work fits together with mama love. We are not a full of kids classroom and your words address us that way...that we are mamas first and trying to find the fit with waldorf secondly, but with importance. With gratitude, I thank you for doing your work.


I really miss your daily voice through the forum, Donna. I learn so much EVERY time you write. Like a salve you are for the collective soul of Motherhood (big M). Your thoughts and wisdom have sculpted my parenting and redirected my understanding about children...and myself. I hope that you are well. With love, Liza(babylove)


Thank you all so much for your kind words of praise. I am so pleased I can be of service, and that Christopherus is meeting its mission in the world.

And yes, Liza, I am well - thanks so much for asking! Hope all is well with you and your family!


Dear Donna,
I followed the thread and found it also precious. I'm not homeschooling but there's so much that reasontes with me as a parent.
grazie, ciao
Federica (Italy)


I have just begun reading/processing the entire set of questions/comments at Catherine's blog - I am astounded by your wisdom Donna, and your clarity. Catherine is right - the world needs many YOU!

(and on an unrelated note, I walked by the Steiner School in NYC last week and thought many good thoughts of you :))

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