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November 03, 2011



This is a great post Donna - I hope a lot of people read it and ponder social media in their own lives. And bravo! to your boys for figuring it all out for themselves, and for sharing their experiences. I hope they always enjoy their adventures.


Both sound like fabulous young men with great heads on their shoulders!! The fact they're confident enough to ward off the social networking 'norms' - in which so (too) many others naively immerse themselves - is more than admirable... Kudos to you too mom & dad!!

Catherine Forest

This is awesome Donna!So inspiring! We are in Costa Rica now and it is such a learning curve for us, adults, to deal with people in another language, feeling (and looking!) clearly different than the local. It is a great lesson for us, and obviously for the girls too!

Carla Melton

It really is so lovely to hear about how your boys are doing, now as adults. I just listened to your festivals audio too. Thanks so much. I always enjoy listening to you and reading your thoughts. Always food for thought. Merry Christmas,

Terry Galbraith

Hi Donna,
I've just visited to buy material for the year ahead ... a bit late already :) Anyway it is great to read about our once "little homeschoolers" doing well in the wide world as young adults. Thanks for sharing. In fact blogging is the only "modern" thing I do so I may be back to have a read through the year.

I haven't read too much of your blog just yet, but I'm wondering whether you have just the two children, and whether they have flown the coop now. I reckon that'd be pretty hard after being so close through homeschooling and engaged parenting for so long. My thoughts are with you and your husband.

BTW my children and your sons share names, I have Mia Gabriel and Joe Daniel, quite a bit younger though (just now).

Thanks, Terry

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