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January 18, 2012


Carol Wannenburgh

Hi Donna, thank you very much for giving us the feedback from your questionnaire.
I just want to clarify that my request for books in an ebook format is definitiely NOT to use as an on-screen product. It simply enables us to get the material here without the shipping costs etc (I am in South Africa), and then I print out the whole book and have it bound, exactly like all your other books. PLEASE! Others I know here also end up having to buy elsewhere because of the shipping costs, but we would rather have your product.
Thank you


Thanks Carol. I will respond to you directly off blog but I did just want to add for the benefit of other readers this: 1) another issue with making our materials available as ebooks is that they can be pirated more easily; and 2) we do continue to heavily subsidize international shipping of our curriculums which are of course what weigh the most. International shipping costs are a pain...but it's hard for us to know how best to be helpful with this. We used to subsidize international shipping across the board but were losing too much money. This also got really complicated when we started to sell books by other authors - we got into a situation where we actually lost money on international orders! Not a sustainable situation for a small homebased business!

Anyway, we continue to review our shipping policies and want you all to know we take all feedback on this issue very seriously.

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