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February 11, 2012



Dear All,

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All the BEST to you!!! The Waldorf Homeschooling Community has been so blessed with your wisdom, your curriculum and newsletters through the years.
Many Thanks and Many Blessings, Mary


Donna, how exciting a time this is! I wish you and your family only the best.

Much love, Malena


Congratulations, Donna! You have built something strong and wonderful in Christopherus. I'm so happy to have been "introduced" to you by a dear friend. While we have only gotten to grade 2 thus far, I have found your curriculum materials to be so full of wisdom and guidance. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself with the homeschooling world. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my homeschooling journey and am so happy to hear that Christopherus will continue to be there as well. All the best! ~Kristin


Wow, what an announcement! I am only on Grade 2 so far, but all of the books we have are a true joy to use. Wishing you the best. Hoping Leigh peace during this transition.

Emily Daly Ferguson

just before you go,I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the work you and your family have done.I and my family have benefited enormously from your gentle bridge between Steiner and Us
Thank you


at the other end of the journey, 1st month of homeschooling my 3 young daughters, and writing from Austalia, have a great sabattical and thankyou for what must have been many very late nights and juggles with family - your resources are wonderful XXXX

Mary Feiler

Donna, you have been the elemental guiding spirit for our homeschool. You absolutely deserve a rest, in fact you should just work part time from now on! Really, if the only things you accomplished in your life were the things you have already done, then you are way way ahead of most of the world!

I know you have lots left to give, but do rest up fully with no guilt about doing it!

Thank you so much for, well, our school and everything it affects, which is everything.




Wow Donna - that's a big change but change is often good. If you are in the UK please do let me know. Forest Row is a bit of a journey (by UK standards) but would love to meet up with you for tea and cake sometime (no business). ;)



How wonderful to read your message.
Many blessings to you and your family.

You continue to inspire with your honoring of the cycles and tending to your self.

Merry meet and merry part....
And merry meet again.


Barbara Benson

Blessings on your rest, blessings on your journey and blessings on your wonderful contributions to Christopherus!



Thank you all so, so much! It warms my heart to read your wonderfully supportive and gentle words of encouragement and blessing. How honored I am to walk this path with all of you!


Many blessings to you and your family, as your work has deeply affected my family in the most profound and beautiful ways. I hope that you find deep peace, restful days, and enjoy making many new memories. I will look forward to your return in your own time! Thank you so much for all that you have given!


Peace and rest to you, Donna! I have been thinking of you lately and decided to drop by. I had my own major life restructuring two years ago now. Like all pruning, it was wrenching and painful initially but bore fruit I could have foreseen. I wish you all the same. Well, if you manage with less wrenching all the better lol. : )

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