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November 01, 2012


Barbara Benson

Thanks so much for sharing the Scotland adventure with us! I wish you much success in your next steps and look forward to another update. I am doing my best to keep my consulting end up for the Christopherus family.

Catherine Forest

Wow! So many possibilities, Donna! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to hear more about the next step!


Michelle M.

Hi, Donna! I spent my junior year abroad in college in Edinburgh at 17 Drummond Place in Newtown...now a private residence and very fancy. It was just a hospital green interior student flat when I lived there, but there was still an early milk float pulled by a horse clattering on the cobblestones in the morning. I wish I had been able to find the dairy and order milk from it as it seems the horse-drawn milk floats are all gone now. Check out the Maisie books for kids if you haven't seen them...very fun for the wee ones. My husband was at school in Edinburgh at the same time I was but I did not meet him until 10 years later in Vermont when he came to work with a locally famous drystone waller. It turns out we both used to eat lunch in St. George's square! I would be very interested to have you share any details from the Scotland study you will be doing with your 10th graders...7 years from now it could be very inspiring! I wish you all the best!



Great to hear what you are up to Donna!
It seems ages ago since the forum.
Good to see your name up their Catherine Forest, I miss taking a nosy at your blog!
I've been thinking about you recently (bit hard not to when you're homeschooling with Christopherus resources)and wondering what Donna would say about Sunday school teaching. My eldest is now 8 and we are tending to stay away from Sunday school because I think too much about when and how to present (Bible) stories to children and I feel uncomfortable with the way it seems to be done in our local churches. Maybe a topic for a future article ...

Carla Melton

Lovely to hear about your adventures, Donna. I feel like I'm just getting going here in New Zealand with my daughter turning 7 last week, my oldest 8 and my youngest about to turn 5. We're about to begin a new year after our Christmas Summer, and the Steiner schools have all had their annual fairs. I'm looking forward to a long peruse of your curriculum material over the summer break. Planning is such an exciting part of homeschool for me. Meanwhile, I'm heading out to the garden. Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

Michelle Van Doren

What a wonderful turning point you are at in life Donna. Exciting to have so many possibilities, but also you must be feeling a need to decide on a direction for yourself?

I have been enjoying Christopherus for my oldest two for almost three years now and looking forward to continuing the journey for many more years with the youngest two.

Thank you for all the work you have put into creating your beautiful curriculum. It has touched our lives in so many ways and brought Waldorf and Rudolph Steiner to us in a realistic and practical way for our family.


Donna! Wonderful!!!
I guess I am one of the old timers;)
My boys have grown with your work as have I.
I am happy to hear of all the fruition and new beginnings for you.
Rest sounds good. You have given so very much.


Kathryn Silvestre

Hi Donna!

I am one of those original folks you mentioned above from 10 years ago. Although we never homeschooled (and daughter is now in 6th grade in her Waldorf school) I've always kept up with Christopherus through your newsletters. So I just wanted to write now to say "Hello!" and to send our warmest wishes for this new chapter of your life!

Warmly ever,

Kathryn Silvestre

Heidi Moore

Hi, what materials would you recommend for my preschool for 3-7 year olds and how would that change as they entered kindergarten if I were to homeschool them? My children that is. Can you comment on how your children have liked or disliked being homeschooled. What are they gaps that they miss?

Rachel Hyde

The WE HS list was a great resource for me when I first began out Waldorf homeschooling adventure, and I was able to attend a conference you gave in Fairfax, VA once. I am now using many of the same Christopherus materials with the sixth child in our homeschool, and can't believe that the first to go through them, our oldest, is 15 and in tenth grade! He will be very excited to hear you are in Scotland, as he has been passionate about Scottish/Gaelic culture and history for the past several years (our family heritage is Scotch, Irish and English) with no signs of the interest waning. He hopes to have a chance to study there at some point once he finishes high school. We will be eager to learn more about your spring visitors and their Scottish studies.


Ah, winter in Scotland... I have an MA Hons in Russian from St. Andrews and have very fond memories of my (few) visits to Auld Reekie.

I look forward to more details about the 10th grade Scottish block, will you be sharing it through Christopherus?

(in Viroqua)


Due to a number of reasons - including dental work that put me in bed for two weeks - I didn't read all these lovely comments until now. Wow - it makes me feel like you all are not so far away (even you Carla!). I love to hear from new folks - and from the old timers like you, Madrona! It is so wonderful for me to hear about how your children are growing up. As I said, it's our tenth anniversary this coming year....I wonder if there is some way we could highlight how so many of you have spent years with us, as part of the "Christopherus family" (ok - that sounds really hokey but there is, undeniably, more of a connection than the mere buying of books...)

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Anyway, great to read of these Scottish connections - the girls who are coming to study are so excited! They have grown up in tiny little rural Viroqua WI and the idea of 1) getting out of Wisconsin and the Midwest 2) living in a city for 6 weeks 3) being in a foreign country where they might not be able to understand what people say and 4) actually seeing buildings more than 200 years old - and castles, real castles!! is almost too much for them. Last time I was there in the Fall and we talked about the visit, they couldn't stop squealing! Anyway, more to come...

Thank you all for staying in touch!


Fantastic journey Donna ! Happy 10 years ! Just a quick question ;) With Donna on Sabbatical, was wondering how new comers with this curriculum fared. It seems to me the material could stand on its own pretty well with out much consulting or access to a computer.I got a curriculum for my pre schooler and 1st grade from another source and loved it but did not possibly seem to be the right fit for our family. Most of the resources were accessible from the web page and given my spotty web connection lesson planning was like a game of freeze tag. I have been combing through the Christopherus website and have really enjoyed the audio and articles and feel quite at home here and am pretty sure I will get our next curriculums here but don't want to run into the pit falls I did this year. Would love to hear 1st hand accounts of others experience here. Sorry if this is not the appropriate place to post this .

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