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January 04, 2013



Congratulations to you all on 10 years of hard work, dedication and brilliant experiences created by all who have benefited from all around the world. May you continue to flourish, change, grow and fruit. With great appreciation, Katie x


Congratulations on ten years of providing a fantastic resource! As a 'newbie' to both your website and Waldorf homeschooling (3 years) it has been really nice to read the sites history. I had picked up bits and pieces from your posts but to read it all in a nutshell was great. I think your ten years also describes the changes that have been occuring in the Waldorf homeschool community, which is interesting food for thought too :) I would be honoured if I won your very first resource "From Nature Stories To Natural Science".


Such great appreciation for you & your husband and what you've done, and for what Leigh and Nora now do! I've been a quiet admirer for years, and have found even the tidbits gleaned from your posts, articles, etc. to be so very helpful. Thank you!!!!

Sherry Leväaho

Congratulations! I am so grateful to have stumbled across Christopherus in my homeschool journey and I often re-read and consult the resources I have purchased from you so far. I am saving up to purchase the First Grade curriculum book- and I look forward to purchasing more.
Thanks, Sherry


What a wonderful accomplishment, congratulations.
Best wishes for another 10 years - supporting and nuturing future waldorf homeschoolers


Congratulations to you! I am just beginning my homeschool journey again, with a new baby twenty years after my first child's birth! I have always been drawn to nature despite being a city girl, and drawn to Waldorf education through years of trying many methods. I have browsed your site many times, and I am enjoying the ebook I purchased. May you have continued success for the next ten years and more!

Mari Villarreal


What a wonderful journey it has been!

elise l

Congratulations! Also, thanks for sharing your homeschool journey and info with us!

Carla Melton

Thankyou SO much to all of you guys. My son Olle is turning 9 this year and we have been using your resources since he was 4. Over the years I've swung back and forth between a Steiner approach and others, however I always come back to your resources, Donna. I find them so refreshing and so inspirational. I'm in the NZ summer holidays now, so just getting started and planned for the year ahead. My daughter turned 7 in November and my youngest turned 5 today. I'm so looking forward to going through your books again with these guys. We love your resources. I wish you all the best.

Please don't enter me in the draw for this resource as I have it already :)
lots of love,


Many blessings for you Donna and your family. Thank you for sharing your vast wisdom and experience in Waldorf Education, homeschooling and parenting in awake and heart opening way. I really appreciate your publications. How they are made for the Waldorf "purist" and also for the eclectic unschooling rebel. I love how well structured, conscise, clear, refreshing and passionate they are. Much gratitude for providing wonderful resources that holistically support my parenting and homeschooling journey with my 6 and 3 year old.
Thank you for spreading light and Congratulations!

Gris fleur

Thank you so much for all what you've done ... And good luck for what is to come !

Caroline Calis

Congratulations! You have done, and do such a great job! It is a great help to me and my family. Thank you!

Christine @ African Babies Don't Cry

Congratulations and well done :)

Tracy Ikemire

Thank you for all your hard work & dedication! You have enriched the lives of so many of us!


What an inspiring story! I don't even have kids yet, but hope to soon, and I have been reading everything I can about attachment parenting and Waldorf homeschooling - I want to create this way of life for our family from day 1.


Congratulations! I have gained so much insight from some of your resources. Bless you for your dedication to this healing art!


Congratulations on ten years! Thank you for helping to guide our family on this wonderful journey!


It is amazing to see what you can achieve if only you can put your mind to it :-) By doing tis, you have brought a lot of people together from all corners of the world. Well done on making your dreams come true and for showing us that it is possible.


Congratulations for your 10 year anniversary and hard work along the way!! Wishing you all the very best in the future!!! Love and light, Monika

Pollyanna kingsley

The journey continues to call on us all,to grow alongside our children.Thank you for all your support to have trust in the way.Thank you to all the beings who have ? and grown immensely along this brave parenting path.Just as I think I get it,this every evolving journey guides me towards even more wounderful learning.
Thank you and may you continue to share your wisdom for a very long time to come
Pollyanna Kingsley

Mariah Lawrence

Congratulations to you all. I admire your courage and attitude. Thank you for all you do!


I am very happy to have been told of Christopherus by our beloved parent-child Waldorf teacher years ago. As we continue to homeschool, I continue to get excited when I read your books and am seeing that excitement transfer to my son year after year. Thank you for helping me do that!


Your story is wonderful and inspiring! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments.

Mandy Ferguson

What a wonderful story. You have been on quite the journey. I am hoping to switch to Christopherus to accommodate my youngest child's unique learning style. I'm excited to see what is to come for Christopherus!

clara lovatt

Your blog is an inspiration - its a real help to feel confirmed along the homeschooling journey

Lisa Cocchiarale

I heard Donna speak several years ago in Bloomington, IN. My 5 year old and I are enjoying an "eclectic" kindergarten homeschool year and love reading the blog. We are hoping to explore more Christopherus offerings as we kick into a higher gear for next fall!


Congratulations on ten years! Here's to a bright future.


I am so grateful to Soulemama for her link and giveaway with you. I am blessed to have found this wonderful resource!

Angela Fortier

Thank you for all your great stories and information! I'm so glad we found you!

Andrea Dewey

What a beautiful story Donna! Thank you for sharing it. About 6 years ago, I purchased 'A Waldorf Curriculum Overview for Homeschoolers' to explore a course for my new homeschool. It has been my most treasured resource over the years.


I would love to win this.... your work is such an inspiration and asset to homeschooling families. We just LOVE it!

Virginia Javurek  Meyers

My daughter loves Christopherus materials. They are very special, warm, and very well written. We would love an opportunity to use them again! Thank you for making them for us.


Blessings on your great success!

Melissa Gunter

Congratulations on 10 years of dedication and hard work! I was new to homeschooling and completely lost when a friend suggested several resources. Your site led me to Barbara Dewey's summer class at Waldorf Without Walls. Your gentle writings combined with Barbara's knowledge helped me settle into a comfortable, loving routine. I can honestly say that my girls lives have been changed forever by their home experiences. Keep up the good work.


What a milestone! It must be very satisfying to know what a profound impact you have had on so many children and their families.


Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story!


CONGRATULATIONS on your 10th Anniversary!!!
What a great accomplishment and one that you can be so proud of!
Your curriculum, blog and advice has always been very much appreciated, and has been a great support to all of us. May your time in Scotland be filled with joy and health, all the best on your new ventures.

Zaina Keeley

So thankful for all you have given. You have really made my homeschool journey more rich.


Congratulations to you and thank you for all your hard work! We have 6 boys and while the first 4 were quite happy with a traditional nuts and bolts - textbook home school learning, our 5th needed more. Waldorf is the exact fit for him. Everything from the fantasy to the art to the stories make him love his school time (and I do too!). Your resources have been of great help to me.


Congratulations on an amazing journey. I love coming to your website to gain a little perspective and inspiration when needed. I am never disappointed. You do wonderful work!

Agnes Tang

Though I am quite new in Waldorf teaching, having gone through the training but not putring into practice, I am starting some small private classes. I have been reading your website and finding it very inspiring and helpful. Will certainly be around and looking forward to learning more myself. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

Liene Brizga

I found Christopherus just yesterday, looking for resources to start Waldorf homeschooling for my 3 kids, and very happy to have found this! Congratulations on your long and sucessful journey, and I will be coming to this site for sure.


I don't want to be part of the drawing, as I already enjoy that book in my library, but I wanted to share my first Christopherus moment with you. I had been homeschooling for a year, and met a Waldorf inspired friend. A flurry of shared books later and she brought the overview to my house... and that was that. Oh sure I have used all KINDS of other stuff (doubt & fear are dangerous to both sanity and wallet), but now that I've been through this, that, and every other thing out there I can honestly say that it is YOUR voice, Donna, that has been the lasting one. I recently purged all my homeschool materials, and kept... yours. My youngest is in grade 5 now, and we need you more than ever! Thank you for sharing your journey, and profoundly influencing ours.


We have enjoyed your resources for years! This would be a great one to add to our collection! Here's to ten years, Donna! Best wishes,

celia self

what an exciting journey we are just beginning, looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come. thanks


Congratulations and as a newbie, thank you!

Kelly Sundstrom

Magical and inspiring. You bring joy and fulfillment to us all!


Happy ten year anniversay Donna! I am enjoying
your first grade cirriculum, and can't wait for second
grade this year!

Amber Eames

I am so so thankful for this resource! I plan on writing you more in depth later, but for now- thank you! This 1st grade experience we are having with my 7 year old son is literally changing our lives for the better. He is a budding natural scientist. He is literally obsessed with trees and the outdoors. Fingers crossed I win this book as it would be a perfect for Cole!

C Jones

Christopherus has been such a helpful tool for my children -- and I've enjoyed it as much as they have! It is such an exciting element to our time together. Thank you!

Brandy Masoncup

Congratulations! It's really something to see folks follow their passion and have it blossom as you have. You have a right to be proud.


congratulations! i've enjoyed reading the resources you provide!


Congratulations. Thank you for the opportunity.


Congrats on your ten year anniversary; how exciting! We'd love to win a copy of your book. :)


Congratulations! We have used your curriculm for 3 years now. We love the flexibility of it as it truly addresses the homeschoolers needs.

Victoria Albright

I sincerely appreciate all of the love and hard work that has gone into making these resources available.


Congratulations on your ten year anniversary . Thank you for all you do for the Waldorf Homeschool Community.


A heartfelt thank you for all of the guidance you share!

Andi Brunson-Williams

Congratulations on your journey. I love that Nora has work in the curriculum that she sends out to families. Thank you for all of your work and help alone my homeschooling way!!


Congratulations on ten years! Here's to many more years of helping families homeschool with Waldorf.

Resa Dance

Wonderful to hear your story. Thank you for helping so many with homeschooling the Waldorf way. Congratulations on 10 years!


Thankyou sooooo much for all the lovely work you have put in to make this happen~heres to another ten years!

Janet Traweek

It seems alot of families really appreciate what you're offering, and we're so glad your life path led you to help so many on this wonderful journey!


I have recently discovered you and made my first purchase. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge. Congradulations!

Corinne Hansch

I would love to read your book, thanks for the free giveaway! And thanks for the homeschooling inspiration....

Erin Todd

So happy to have discovered Christopherus - affirming and inspiring.


Hooray for you! Thanks for your support.

Julie Hairston

This blog and the Christopherus curriculum we use are essential to our success! We're so grateful.


Congratulations on 10 years. What a great accomplishment. Your books are wonderful.

andrea warren

Congratulations on 10 years!!! WOW what an amazing journey and a gift you are to all of us. I have been using Christopherus for two years and it has been a life changing experience for everyone in our family. Thank you for all that you do and I can't wait to see what you will be doing int he future.


I enjoy all your offerings, thank you, best wishes and happy new year.


Congratulations! I have enjoyed utiling your geology/astronomy book in my son's first year of homeschooling adventure. It keeps the sense of wonder in learning.

Amanda driessen

Wow! I just had confirmation of being on the right path! We just purchased the kindergaten and joyful movement books a few months ago to begin our homeschool journey this year (in 1 month). We are excited and have found the books to be "honest, real & manageable" which is comforting. It has sparked my creative flame and interest in rudolf Steiner. I have just finished reading knowledge of higher worlds and freedom of philosophy - both very heavy reading but I took what I was able to deepen my understanding. So thank you for your wonderful gift to the world Donna and co - it is inspiring to know the dedication and passion you all had and still have to continue giving!
Many blessings to you all x

Sunny Cordell

As a Waldorf class teacher, I have always scoured the shelves each summer for resources and have happily invested through Rudolf Steiner bookstore in your timely well written publications. Thanks!

Mindy Fitch

Thank you for all you do, and so glad you've made it this far! Here's to many more years to come. Lots of folks (like us!) taking great comfort from your thoughtful, heartful work.

Paula ThompSon

Congratulations! Your work is inspirational and so needed by the children and families of today.


Congratulations on 10 years! You've been such a big part of our homeschooling journey! thank you for all that you do!!!


I love your materials and use them daily for my 5th and 1st graders. We have homeschooled with Waldorf for 3 years now, and I find Christopherus is the one place that provides the depth and flexibility I need. Thank you Donna, Paul, Leigh and everyone else who makes it all happen.
Sheila Petruccelli


i am thankful for this site, it always has the answer to whatever question I have...


Congrats ! 10 years wow!
We have been introduced to your work 2 years ago. I still define ourselves as Waldorf Unschoolers but there defintely has been some tension between these 2 worlds in our household. I can't wait to discover your unschooling and waldorf podcast.
thanks for everything!

Mary Lambert

Just wanted to let everyone one know who has special needs children that their Waldorf journey can continue after highschool. Check out Camphill Village(just google search it).

Jen Mc

Thank you a million times for all this wisdom and support. This is our fourth year homeschooling and everytime I get down in the dumps I just listen to one of your talks or read some of the first parts of your curricula and voila refreshed and ready to go on. Even if we are not always 100% awsomeness that we want to be your work is always encouraging and uplifting. We have also benifited greatly from the direct connection to the seasons and litergical year. Blessings Jen Mc


It was neat to read the story of the roots of a curriculum I've heard so much about! Thanks for posting this one!


Thank you so much for helping our transition to homeschool this year go smoothly.


Congratulations! How inspiring!


congratulations to you!


So interesting to read your story and I must say I so appreciate the work you have all done! I am using your 3rd.grade curriculum & other resources in our first year of homeschooling. I so appreciate it all!


In the past year and a half, your freely available and paid materials have been such a source of guidance and inspiration for me with my toddler/preschooler. Your work has helped me empower myself to do what is best for our family, even if it is off the beaten path. Blessings on you and your family as you continue the journey that has lighted the way for so many others. And congratulations on 10 years of Christopherus!


What a dream it is that there are folks with the will and the heart to put it all together for the rest of us to have a place to leap from. Thank you and congratulations!!

Sarah Nakatsuka

Congratulations on 10 years! Wonderful!


Wonderful! And a great "celebration" giveaway!

Georgina Bravo Malagon

I personally love your publications, but since we are in Mexico, the problem for us is that most of our teachers don´t speak or read English, so your publications can only reach a limited number of us. It would be very good if we could get them in Spanish, since it is very difficult to get any Waldorf resources in our language.

Georgina Bravo

Colegio Yeccan Waldorf AC
Guanajuato, Mexico.

Daniella Schefer

Congratulations on ten years of hard work! We're so glad for this wonderful resource! Thank you!

Bri Clapham

Thanks so much for the chance to win!! :)

All the best for another amazing 10 years!!
I hope it's filled with just as much adventure, blessing and excitement!!

Take care,

Anne Moses

Thank you for bringing your passion to the world. The Waldorf curriculum overview is invaluable to me!


Thanks so much for all you've provided thus far! We have definitely benefited from your resources. Peace and many blessings as you continue on your path.


Congratulations on all your accomplishments!


Congratulations on 10 wonderful years!
I love all of your material every time I see/hear it. I am wanting to switch to Christopherus for my 3 kids-12, 10, and 7 yrs old. Thank you for all you have done!


Congrats on a decade! How time does fly!

jana celic

i am truly appreciative of the waldorf way of life and christopherus for making the transition from mass way of life to a whole way of life easy! your passion is radiating. congratulations on 10 years and many more to come. thank you, thank you, thank you!

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